Data Days CLE

Data Days CLE is Cleveland’s first annual celebration of open data, in conjunction with the annual International Data Day taking place all over the world. Cleveland will be joining groups from around the world to afford an opportunity to show the benefits of open data and encourage the adoption of open data policies in government, business and civil society.

The main concept that the client and I wanted to convey with this image was connectivity and the idea that this event would bring people together from different groups (general public, government workers, designers, developers, statisticians) to solve problems using data. I created a flexible group of marks that use connected lines and nodes to illustrate this coming together and reference data points.




Sober Seventeenth

Sober Seventeenth, Inc. reclaims the true spirit of St. Patrick by providing a family-friendly, alcohol free celebration featuring the best of Irish music, dance and heritage for the Irish American and entire northern Ohio community on March 17th each year.

The logo for the event uses a celtic shield symbol to represent safety and protection as well as the shamrock, the national symbol of Ireland. Custom, celtic-inspired lettering was also created for the mark.





Welshly Arms

Logo created for the band, Welshly Arms in conjuction with their first album. It has since been made into a lighted sign that they use on stage at their shows. Pretty cool!





Margaret Ellis Photography

Logo created for a friend who specializes in large format film photography.




Oberlin Main Street-Chamber

Ultimately unused logo options for the city of Oberlin's Chamber of Commerce. The marks explore the city's sustainability, history, and landmarks within the confines of an "O."